We take pajamas very seriously – they’re not just clothes; they’re comfort and coziness wrapped into one delightful package. However, we understand that sometimes, the stars don’t align perfectly, and you might want to return your sleepy ensemble. Fear not, for we’ve crafted a return policy that’s as relaxed as your favorite pair of PJs!

Our Golden Rule: We want you to be as comfy with your purchase as you are in our PJs. If you’re not completely satisfied, don’t lose sleep over it – here’s how we can help:

1. The 7-Night Cuddle Guarantee: We’re confident our pajamas will make you drift off into dreamland, but if they don’t, you have 7 nights to give them a fair shot. If you’re still not feeling the love, it’s time to part ways but please note that you are responsible for shipping costs.

2. Return Process – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: Reach out to us. We’ll guide you through the process, and you’ll be back in your comfy zone in no time. Just make sure to let us know why you’re parting ways – a package without a valid reason for return and one that causes us to incur losses, may not result in a full refund.

3. The Mismatched Sock Problem: In case you received the wrong pair of pajamas, our apologies! We’ll cover all shipping costs to make things right.

4. Refunds and Exchanges: Once we’ve received your return and checked that your PJs are still in their hibernation state, we’ll offer you a refund or an exchange.

5. Final Thoughts: Our pajamas come with a tag, but we don’t believe in tagging your sleep style. Also, So, dream on, be comfortable, and remember that life is too short for scratchy PJs!

In summary, our return policy is all about making you as comfortable as you can possibly be. If you ever find yourself tossing and turning over your purchase, we’re here to help. So, rest easy and know that we’ve got your back, and your front, and your sides… well, you get the idea. Sweet dreams!


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